Production Area

Sort (High Pyrenees - Lleida)


  • Composition: raw cow’s milk
  • Coagulation: enzymatic
  • Texture: Soft paste and bloomy rind
  • Ageing: minimum 3 weeks


  • Shape: flat wheel
  • Weight: 400 to 500 g. (approx. 14 to 17 oz.)


Tros de Sort is a young artisan cheesemaker set up in 1995 by 5 dairy farmers and two technicians. They only make raw whole milk cheeses from their own cows that graze on mountain pasture.

Tou means “soft” in Catalan, thanks to the characteristics of the production process (soft paste that it unpressed in order to retain humidity). It is a relatively recent addition to the family of cheeses, but it has been well accepted on the market and several major Catalan chefs use it in their innovative recipes.

Sensory characteristics

Soft paste and white bloomy rind The interior is closed, spreadable and bone white in colour.

The flavour is very pleasant, with milky, developed undertones and a nutty, fresh mushroomy aftertaste.

Gastronomic Suggestions

Cheeseboards. Thanks to its texture, it melts very well and is therefore ideal for recipes that include hot, melted or grilled cheese.

Chemical composition

  • DRY MATTER: 57.86%
  • FDM:52%