Production Area

Catí (Maestrazgo) – Castellón


  • Composition: Pasteurised organically produced goat’s milk
  • Coagulation: enzymatic
  • Texture: somewhat elastic, creamy and melting on the palate
  • Ageing: 45 days minimum


  • Shape: wheel shaped, it takes on the shape of the cloth in which it is drained and pressed.
  • Weight: 1.1 kg. (approx. 2.75 lb.)


For centuries, the singular characteristics of the climate, flora and land have made Maestrazgo the ideal area for grazing.

Nowadays, in this natural area of great ecological value, the cheese making tradition is maintained and has been modernised. To make the cheese, this dairy uses milk from the flocks of local farmers, who have joined together to form a cooperative, combined with the most careful and painstaking production methods. Varied plant life, extensive grazing, strict veterinary control, ongoing training for the farmers… all result in this exceptional cheese.

The Maestrazgo artisan cheese made by the Catí Cheese Cooperative won the 2005 prize for the best Organically Produced Cheese from Spain given by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries. Set up in 1999 and based in the premises of what had previously been an agricultural processing company, this cooperative represents a project that clearly reflects how traditional agricultural resources, such as goat and ewe’s milk, can be used to best advantage through quality.

Sensory characteristics

A soft paste with a semi-bloomy rind. When cut, the paste is white. There are no, or very few, eyes. The characteristic aroma is of mould, damp and cellar. The flavour is light and sweet, combined with a pleasant acidity and just the right salty balance. The aromas are herbaceous and nutty.

Gastronomic Suggestions

To partner the flavour of this cheese, white or wooden-cask matured wines are an ideal match.

Chemical composition

  • FDM: 47%