El Piconero al brandy gran reserva -Artisan Vintage with Brandy

Production Area

Ciudad Real – Castilla la Mancha (all year)


  • Composition: raw sheep’s milk
  • Coagulation: enzymatic
  • Texture: uncooked pressed paste
  • Ageing: 12 months


  • Shape: cylindrical
  • Weight: 3 kg. approx.


QUESERIAS DE PICÓN is located in the heart of La Mancha, the Spanish cheese making region par excellence, which enjoys well-deserved fame.

The knowledge and experience gleaned over the years by the men and women who work at Picón result in the production of excellent cheese. These are cheeses with characteristics (presentation, aroma and flavour) that make them unforgettable.

The production process begins with a meticulous selection of the milk, which comes mainly from their own flocks.

Sensory characteristics

Allies with style. This product is made from raw sheep’s milk.

The highly controlled ageing process lasts for a minimum of 10 months, after which the cheese is matured for a further two months in brandy.

Once the ageing process has ended, the cheese is covered in lard mixed with fine aromatic herbs from our mountains, and wrapped in white greaseproof paper.

Gastronomic Suggestions

Reserva vintage red wines

Chemical composition

  • High fat