Production Area

La Coruña and Lugo (Galicia)


  • Composition: Pasteurised cow’s milk       
  • Coagulation: enzymatic      
  • Texture: Soft paste    
  • Ageing: 2 weeks (young cheese)


  • Shape: wheel  
  • Diameter: 14 cm. (approx. 5.5 in.)        
  • Height: 6 cm. (approx. 2.3 in.)         
  • Weight: 1 kg. (approx. 2.2 lb.)


This is one of the traditional Galician cheeses made in the centre of Galicia, around the Ulloa river basin which has enjoyed P.D.O status since 1998. Originally a farmhouse, artisan cheese, nowadays it is produced at several small to medium sized industrial dairies.

Sensory characteristics

Exterior:  a natural rind, fine and elastic, straw yellow in colour, without mould.
Interior: the paste is uniform in colour, between ivory white and pale yellow,  satiny, without fractures and may present some, but very few, randomly scattered eyes.

The texture is smooth, satiny and uniform. The aroma is mild, faintly acid and the flavour is milky, buttery and faintly salty.

Gastronomic Suggestions

As a dessert it is traditionally accompanied with honey or quince paste.
Given its characteristics, it melts easily and is the ideal partner for dishes that require melted cheese.

It pairs best with Galician wines (Albariño, Ribeiro, Rosal…)

Chemical composition

  • DRY MATTER: 45%
  • FDM: 50%